Lucky Bamboo - Dracena sanderiana

Two more weeks, exactly on February 10 this year, many Asian people especially the Chinese will celebrate New Year, the beginning of the Lunar Year Calendar. As tradition people will offer some gifts to family and friends. Mostly some celebration sweets will be packed  in beautiful red packages ready to go. Others will give away special plants that are considered to bring luck. One of such plants is the Lucky Bamboo.

Though lucky bamboo is not a bamboo plant at all, in Chinese aesthetics of Feng Shui, lucky bamboo plants represent good luck and strength as they are easy to grow and having innate strength and resiliance. This bamboo look alike plant is slender and beautiful. Artistically they can be shaped into eye catching spirrals and can be arranged in many different styles.

What is this lucky bamboo plant? It is actually a plant by the name of Dracaena sandriana, Dracaena brunii or Ribbon plant. It is known as native of Tropical West Africa mainly in the tropical forest of Cameroon. The segmented stalks are resembled to bamboo that is why the plant gets the name. Although in the wild this understorey rainforest plant grows in soil, in modern cultivation, lucky bamboos are grown as indoor plants and grown in water that is free of chlorine. Mostly it is grown in a see-through container filled with pebbles and water. Week liquid fertilizer can be added once in a while during water changes. As an understorey forest plant, it needs shelter from direct sunlight, so a brightly lit indoor position is perfect.

Dracaena sanderiana aka. D. braunii

Monday – Januari 28, 2013

Today I repotted our lucky bamboo in soil. It seems to me that growing in the way it naturally grow will be better than sitting in water. Just see what is going to happen in a few months.

Update March 6, 2013:

A little bit over a month since I have repotted our lucky bamboos in soil. Since then a new leaf bud had started to grow on one of the cane, but to stick with the original style, I cut it off. I notice that they are much happier and healthier grown in soil, rather than sitting in water. No more smelly water and roots problem! Now the canes are shinier and greener and the foliage also grow more luscious. I used the same soil mixture as the Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’: ordinary garden potting mix and cactus mix (1:1)… also a weak drink of seaweed tea:)

Lucky Bamboo in Soil