This summer is very dry and everywhere we look, lawns are dry and yellow. Many plants seem very thirsty with wilted foliage. Many Melbournians prefer not to use so much tap water anymore for watering gardens as the cost of water bills is getting higher. It has been many years since the last time I saw children playing around water sprinklers to cool down on hot summer days. Then, lawns were green and luscious, even in the middle of hot summer days.

Dry Summer Januari, 2013

Strangely, summer this year Melbourne is suffering from ‘Thursday Hot Spells’…. it seems that every Thursday is very hot, well over 35 dec C. Then the next day will be less hot and the days follow are quite cool around 25 deg. C. It seems to me that this one day a week hot spell is oddly damaging many plants. Roses have dropped many leaves that they almost look bare. The thick foliage of feijoa tree have lost their lustre and look tired. All the fruit buds fail to grow and have dropped on the ground. Even the tough geraniums are suffering. The dryness has turned the Nandinas and copper-spoon Kalanchoe very deep bronze colour.

Nandina domistica 'Nana'

Copper Spoon - kalanchoe  orgyalis

Yes, the promise of few rain falls in last few weeks was really a dissapointment. Not a trickle has fallen for almost a month. My water tanks are getting lower…..:(

Note Jan. 24, 2013:

Today is Thursday and temperature will reach 36 deg. C. Fire danger is high. Tomorrow will be cooler maximum 29 deg. Chance of isolated rain. The word ‘isolated’ makes my heart sink…. will we miss it again?