Very Large White Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis amabilis Hybrid – Very large milky white flowers 10 cm wide with tinge of pink underneath.

Miniature Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis (Zuma’s Pixie x Sogo Berry). Small purple flowers not more than 3 cm wide.

January 16, 2013: We’ve just got two new Phals/Phalaenopsis orchids. For me, it is the very frist time to try to grow this different orchid species. One is a very large white with a bit of pink tint underneath the petals – Phalaenopsis amabilis sp – not so sure the hybrid name. The other one is a miniature one with quite small purple blooms – Phalaenopsis (Zuma’s Pixie x Sogo Berry). I have to learn how to look after them.  Hopefully they will be happy and thriving :=)

Notes, Januari 18, 2013:

Nodes on Phalaenopsis Flower Stem

Nodes on Phalaenopsis Flower Stem

It is very interesting to find out about the growing habits of Phalaenopsis orchids. Unlike the Cymbidiums which have bulbs where new growths and flower spikes will grow, Phalaenopsis orchids do not have multiplying bulbs. New plants will emerge from some of the nodes that grow along the flower stems. In mature plants, some of this nodes will grow into new spikes of flowers and some others grow into keikis. A keiki is a Hawaiian word for a baby or a child. People can stimulate a keiki’s growth by applying Keikigrow Plus Hormone. Now it also explains to me how Phals orchid can flower for longer time than Cymbidiums.

What an interesting facts to learn. I am sooo exited!

Pretty Phal Orchid Hybrid

Pink Phalaenopsis - Feb. 8, 2013

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