Last night rain brought much needed relief after the 39 deg. C – hot spell on Thursday. Today is the first day of a one very rare December in many many years. No, it is not about the doom’s day nor the coming of Nibiru….and it is not the polar shift either! It is a more real occasion that only happens once every 824 years. This December we will have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays! Some say it will bring good luck!!

Is it true that 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays will only happen every 824 years? I am very bad in mathematics, for those who are brilliant in mathematics, can you prove that this claim is true or just a hoax???

We have free garden mulch made of crushed old wooden pallets. The wood pieces look more like they have been shredded carelessly and they are not as neat as the nicely chopped ones that are sold in many shops. Other than the look, these crushed or shredded old pallets serve the purpose to keep soil moist during the hot summer months and to keep the garden bed free of weed. I heven’t finished spread all the mulch as I need to wait for the rain to come. Laying garden mulch is better to do when the soil is wet.

Crushed Old Wooden Pallets for Mulch

Crushed Old Wooden Pallets for Mulch

I took some photos around the garden. Other than geraniums, some of the roses are still blooming nicely and the white Christmas lilies (Lilium longiflorum) and the pink Peruvian lilies are also flowering. These large trumpet-like Christmas lilies are very fragrant, especially in the evening. Only the yellow Asiatic lilies are blooming so far. This year the fairy iris is doing very well. The plant is covered with towering white flowers that look a bit like orchid. The spiky yucca plant is growing three spikes of flowers.

What else? Oh yes, two of the goldfish babies were eaten by the cat…. so I put the rest of the babies that now are as big as my little finger in the large ceramic tub together with the parents. As the tub is quite deep, it will be harder for the cat to catch them. The fish can easily  hide deep in the water or hide underneath the plants. Pesky cat!!

Roses - November 2012

Roses – November 2012

Lilies - November 2012

Lilies: Lilium longiflorum, Asiatic and Peruvian 

Dietes grandiflora/Fairy iris

Dietes grandiflora/Fairy iris

Yucca Flowers

Note: Just a bit of info about the yucca plant in our garden. The sword like leaves have curly hair and the tip is needle sharp. It is Yucca filamentosa ‘Hairy’. The flower spikes are quite tall, can reach about 2 m. high and have a slightly sweet fragrant.