The saying: ‘ To have more than what someone has bargained for’ means more in a negative way. However, what I have got more from buying this Epi in Caribbean market is something very exiting. The seller told me the flower would be yellow and it was the big one. Yes when I bought it, it was not flowering. Last year it refused to flower at all, and only this year it is flowering. Not only the yellow that the seller promised me, but also a big maroon red one. There are four yellow flowers and only one red one…. Obviously it is  two different Epis in one pot.

Soooo…. these epis were sold noid (with no identity). It is hard to match the yellow one, as there are heaps of yellow Epi hybrids out there. So I have given up in guessing its identity. The red one is very distinctive. The red is kind of orangey maroon. The center/throat of the flower has a flash of purple around the edges of the petals. It is very big cup, larger that the yellow one and it is slightly fragrant. After matching it with many pictures online, I have a feeling that it is “Ivan the Terrible’. If it is correct, it is not terrible at all 🙂 Actually I am verly pleased to have it.

The strange thing, I also bought two Cymbidiums that have different colours in a pot last year. What a very nice surpirse!

Note – November 11, 2012:

I read that Ivan the Terrible has rounded petals, while the one that I have obviously don’t have rounded petals. After looking for more pictures, it looks more like ‘Fantasy Dragon’. Anyway, whatever it is does not matter much. I will not be bothered to find the match anymore.