I bought this Cymbidium with no identity last year (C. pumilum x – ??). At the time I bought it, it had two spikes and the small flowers were kind of copperish pink. This year it is having three spikes. Two spikes are blooming and the flowers are the same as last year, but the third one, still in buds, has different colour. As it has not opened yet, I cannot be sure what the colour is.  The flower buds are light green with a tint of pink.

Why different colours? It must have been two different plants in one pot. I remember when I bought it, it was planted in heavy ordinary garden soil. When I got home, straight away I toook it out of the pot, clean the roots and replanted it by using coconut bark chips.  I did not even notice that there were two different plant at all. Is it possible for one orchid plant to bear two different flowers? I don’t think so!

It is soooo exciting, I cannot wait to see the third spike to open. Hopefully it will be a nice pretty colour! I will add more picture when the buds open.

Note August 15,2012:

Few of the second cymbidium flower buds have started to open. I like the soft and elegant colours. The sepals and petals are sort of beige colour with a splash of pink. Next repotting time, I will certainly have a closer look to see if there are actually two different plants in a pot.