Two days ago we found a very noticeable dent just above my car’s fuel cap cover. A dry muddy shoe mark was clearly visible on the dent. It looked like someone was trying to kick open the fuel cap cover to steal petrol. It seemed that it failed to open as the fuel level was still the same. I was so angry….. I could not believe that someone was soooo low to damage other people’s property just to steal a bit of petrol or just for the fun of it ? What the petrol for I wonder? It could be a kid/kids who are addicted to petrol sniffing! ? Since then I will never leave my car parked on the side of the road over night anymore.

Yesterday, on TV news we saw another low act of vandalism in Melbourne street. More than 20 cars that were parked in Kew area had one or more tyres slashed. The man who did the criminal act was caught on street CCTV. Below is a link to go to the Age news to read more about the incident.