Some people only buy orchids that carry hybrid names, but this habit will make the collection much much more expensive. For me, I am not too fussy about hybrid or grower’s names. If I like the look of the flowers and the price is reasonable, then more than likely I end up buying them.

Yesterday I bought a small cymbidium orchid with three spikes. It is another early bloomer. The colours of the petals and sepals are  quite interesting, greenish yellow with dark maroon streaks. The lip is creamy with dark maroon blotches along the edges, while the tongue (stigmatic surface) is bright yellow. The column is kind of purple with creamy cap. To admire the beauty of this smaller and less bold orchid, you have to look closely and see the pretty blend of many colours. This cymbidium orchid was sold without a name in one of the Chinese grocery shops in Springvale. If I ask the seller, she cannot even tell me that it is cymbidium. To her, orchids are orchids! Why not? If it is a bargain….certainly no problem to me.

Note – Date of purchase: June 1, 2012