Bought this exotic Cymbidium in a Florist shop in Brandon Park Shopping Centre this morning Monday May 21, 2012. Cymbidium tracyanum is fragrant and beautiful. Native species of China and the surrounding area of Indo China. Here in Melbourne it flowers earlier around April and May, while most other Cymbidiums bloom around late winter to spring time.

Tuesday May 22, 2012:

Looking closely at the new C. tracyanum orchid plant, I realise that it is a big and robust species. The flower spike is tall almost 1 m long with 15 large flowers. The arching leaves are also long and thick. The big bulbs have already crowded, so after flowering I will move the plant in a bigger pot. Compared with all our other cymbidiums, it is the biggest one. I just read about this plant and it is actually native species of Southern China, Northern Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

Other than strong perfume, the flowers are weirdly pretty. The striped petals are mixed colours of yellow, green and dark brownish red. While the spotty white lip is kind of hairy. I keep it inside the house now to fully enjoy the sweet perfume and the exotic beauty. I read that quite a few hybrids available and I am not sure which one is mine….. it could be Cymbidium tracyanum ‘ Atlantis’.

Here in Melbourne, Cymbidium tracyanum orchids are rarely available. I feel so lucky to be able to buy one.