Fussy and troublesome Sunrise Cactus!!!!!

Lately, I noticed that the Sunrise Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri) looked droopy and wilted. I thought that I overwatered and the recent autumn cold snap had caused the plant to wilt. First, it was only a little part that was limp, but slowly almost half of the stem crown were affected. Looking closely, I noticed that the problem was actually from the base stems near the soil line.

I am sure that the plant is having Phytophthora Root Rot. The wilted parts look kind of limp and grey. The main stems near the soil looked rotten with hardly any roots left.  There are few plants in the pot. Two of them are very bad and not worth saving, but the other two still have green and fresh stems and it is worth trying to save the healthy cuttings. So I cut all the healthy stems and I laid them on a news paper sheet to harden the cutting part for around 24 hours. Tommorow, I will replant them and hopefully they will grow new roots.

I find that growing Sunrise cactus is much harder than Zygocactus ( Schlumbergera truncata). Although both of them are somewhat related and have the same growing requirements, but Sunrise cacti are very prone to fungal problems, while Zygos are more resistant. It is the second time I have a wilting problem with our Sunrise cacti. I just hope that I can still save the plant from the healthy cuttings. Fingers cross!

Phytophthora Root Rot – Sunrise Cactus

Healthy Cuttings – Sunrise Cactus

Monday, April 30, 2012. 

Finished planting the Easter Cactus Cuttings. For the planting medium, I just used whatever I have……A mixture of regular potting mix, a bit of bark chips, crushed styro-foam, charcoal and a little bit of well rotted chicken manure. This works for Zygocactus, hopefully the fussy Sunrise cactus will like it too. The gardening experts recommend to use perlite, but it is much too expensive!

Newly Planted Sunrise Cactus Cuttings

Note: February 3, 2013.

Now it has been about 10 months, only one pot of the sunrise cactus cuttings survive. The other two were goners. It is just clear to me how difficult it is to grow sunrise cactus. Although one pot of cuttings seem to thrive now, it will not guarantee that one day, it will also just wilt and die. This is the last time I grow this plant, and I will never have new ones ever again.

Sunrise Cactus - February 3, 2013