When I divided and repotted the yellow water lily, I had one extra. There was no more room for it in the fish tubs, so I kept it in a separate plastic tub in the back garden. This extra waterlily is also growing very well and flowering. I regularly check it  as I am worry about mosquitoes breed there.

This morning I had a very nice surprise! The damselflies breed in there instead. They must have fed on the mosquito larvae. I don’t really mind to have damselflies or dragonflies around our garden. They are completely harmless to the garden and help to keep other small insects in control.I can tell that those are damselflies. They are dainty and smaller compared to dragonflies. The eyes are well separated and sit on the side of the face, while dragonfly’s eyes are close together and look more like on the top of the face. The wing of damselflies are close together along side the body when they are resting, while dragonflies’ wings are open.

The images below show  stages of the last transformation. First picture was a damselfly nymph in the process of final moulting. The back had already started to split. Second picture was the damselfly right after coming out of the shell/ after shedding skin. Last picture was just minutes later after the wings had developed. When I was about to take the fourth picture a few minutes later, it was flying away…. too scared of the camera.

It was amazing to watch. They are very tiny. I wish I had a better camera to make sharper images!!

The Empty Shell left behind……


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