Few years ago, a friend at work gave me cuttings of orchid plant. She did not know the name. She just said that it was very easy to grow in the garden and the flowers were red.

Only this year, the mystery orchid cuttings start to bear dark red flowers. The flowers are minute in size and grow in small clumps. Later on I identified it as Crucifix orchids as the lip of this tiny flower resembles a cross.

Crucifix orchids belong to Epidendrum sp. like for example E. radicans, cochleatum, secundum etc. They are native to Central America and South America and are usually associated with Easter, the time Jesus was crucified. This small orchid is very easy to grow in full sun position. The foliage kind of thick with white aerial roots hanging from the sprawling branches. Available in many colours from shades of yellow, pink to red.

2.14 PM:

I just finished making Elephant Ears aka. Kuping Gajah in Indonesian…. kind of thin fried biscuits with chocolate swirl pattern. I never made these before, and when I finished frying them, they did not taste as sweet as I thought they would be. Kind of bland….. what could I do? I coated them with sugar and vanilla. Now they taste crisp, sweet and beautiful to eat with a good cup of coffee.

Sugar Coated Elephant Ear Biscuits