Went to Garden World yesterday and saw bare-rooted Miltonia orchids on sale, 3 for $ 15. I never grew Miltonia orchids before, but I was tempted by the beautiful flowers. I loved the spotty ones and they were not the kind that looked more like pansies. I don’t really like the ones that look like pansies very much, I like those that look more like orchids.

I quickly brought the three Miltonias home as I scared that the small roots were getting too dry already . At home, immediately I potted the orchids in small orchid mix and I added a little bit of chopped coco fibre. They look really dainty and nice. I keep them in the covered veranda in the back. After they were watered thoroughly, they look really fresh and happy. I have to search Google to learn about growing Miltonia orchids. I have read before that they are harder to grow compared with Cymbidiums.

February 5, 2012: Another Miltonia bud blooming:)