A weed is a flower in the wrong place,
a flower is a weed in the right place,
if you were a weed in the right place
you would be a flower;
but seeing as you’re a weed in the wrong place
you’re only a weed –
its high time someone pulled you out.

( Poem written by: Ian Emberson)

When I went for a walk in Jells Park the other day, I noticed quite a few pretty flowers that grew wild. Though not all wild flowers are regarded as invasive species of plants, but many are. Just like in the poem above, it is said that ‘weed is a flower  in the wrong place’ and ‘will be flower in the right place’. The irony is that even if a pretty weed flower grow in their right habitat, it is still just a weed. That name sticks. On the other hand, a rose bush that grows oddly in the wrong place will still be a rose, a highly priced and admired flower and it is not a weed. Once a plant is regarded as a weed, it will be just a weed.

Weeds are invasive species of plants. Invasive species is a term not only applied to plants but it also describes animals. It can be species of plants or animals from exotic places far away or from neigbouring places, that are moved to a new place , they thrive and take over. They refuse to behave as well behaved guests, instead they will quickly and drastically cut the numbers of the native habitants.

As I was walking in the park, the presents of those beautifull and brightly coloured flowers of wild plants were so noticeable. Just look at dandelions with their bright golden blooms. They are as pretty and bright as daisies. If dandelions abundantly grow in a meadow, it will paint the green grass with colour of gold. They are pretty and most kids will be happy to play with them. They pick the flowers or blow the white fuzzy seeds. However, the beauty  of this common weed is not enough to make it a respectable plant. A weed is just a weed.

There in Jells Park, I admired the beauty of these unwanted weeds. Even if I look at the spiny and prickly thistles closely, it is undoubtly beautifull. I noticed  two kinds of thistle plants, spear thistle and viper’s bugloss. Both have pretty and unusual blue flowers. Even some grasses have nice flowers. They are towering high and dance gently by the gentle breeze.

Thinking about invasive species and weeds, I can not help thinking that they do not happen in flora and fauna only. Don’t you think that human species can be regarded as those two terms? Human species defintely invade forests. In this case humans invades forest habitats by cutting down trees and as a result the forest animals also lose their habitat. Humans can also invasive to other humans. Just look in the history, there were too many examples of these invasions. Even it is still happening now in a smaller scale. Human weeds?  Too often, some people are regarded as bad as weeds while they actually as pretty as a fragrant rose.  On the other hand too many people that are regarded as precious as a rose can behave as badly as weeds. Sadly, it is true that weed will always be a weed and a rose will always be a rose. So fortunate for the rose and bad luck for weeds…………

Viper’s Bugloss – echium vulgare – Jells Park

Centaurium erythrea – Common Centaury