Now it is kind of moody morning. Sky is dull grey and everything is still wet from yesterday’s rain. It rained all day yesterday and continued all night. Our backyard was completely flooded. The water covered the floor of the carport and barbeque area.

Most of the cymbidium orchids have finsihed flowering and soon I have to repot and divide some of them. The latest two cymbidiums that I bought this year are grown in coconut husk chips. I noticed that coconut husk can hold water longer than wood chips and it last longer as it will not disintegrate as easy as wood. I remember the fact that coconuts can float in the sea and drifted for a long time. The fibrous husk that covers the fruit makes it float and protects the fruit from rotting. They can even germinate in sea water. So…. I will try to use coconut husk for repotting my orchid.

All the orchid cacti have also finished flowering. Epiphyllums have beautiful flowers, but unfortunately they don’t last long and only bloom once a year. Some one said to me that she did not like the look of orchid cactus’ stems but I don’t mind the look of them. Yes, I can put up with their very long period of non-flowering time.

Oh, the sun is starting to shine now. I have to clean up the flood debris in the backyard. The water only covered my toes, but enough to make a bit of mess. I am going to insert more photos from out garden. The Christmas lilies – Lilium longiflorum are flowering nicely now, but I haven’t made any photos yet. I love their sweet fragrance………… Soon all the oriental lilies will flower too. While the chrysanthemums and the tuberoses have started to grow the make them ready to flower early next year.


The small feijoa tree is flowering profusely. Last year it had less flowers and they failed to develop into fruits. I read that human intervention is needed to make the tree produces fruits. It is easy to do by just gently rubbing the top of the flowers  that contains pollens with my fingers, or can also use a small clean paint brush. By helping pollination, the flowers will have more chance to fruit. I have done this so far and just have to wait and see if it is going to work. Fingers cross!