Shorter Flower Spike

After replacing the stake, our old Genista racemosa plant started to develop yellow leaves and many small branches died. I think putting the stake incorrectly too close to the trunk has caused the troubles. It might break some of the roots. The plant grew leaning towards the driveway. When we pulled it straight, there was a big chance that more of the roots were broken. I noticed that the base of the trunk was black. The heavy rains lately made the matter worse.

When Spring arrived this year in September, the other two Genista plants had already flowered, but the one that was having roots problem did not flower. I was thinking that it was struggling and eventually would die. But later when the other two had finished flowering, I saw flower buds started to grow on the tips of sick looking and thin little branches. I hardly believed my eyes that the ill Genista still managed to flower.

Today, I can see the tree is covered with short and stumpy yellow flower spikes. It is not as pretty and luscious as it used to be, but it is telling me that Genista racemosa is a tough little plant if grown in warmer climate. After the caterpillar attack and later root problems, it is still alive.

Blackened base of the trunk