After a long wait, more of the Cymbidium orchids are in full bloom. The Australian native ‘Dendrobium’ is also doing very well this year. The ‘green turns into yellow’ Cymbidium Flowers are more yellow this time. I still don’t understand why the colour can change.

Unknown Variety

Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x ‘So Bold & Bountiful’

Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’

Australian Native Dendrobium

Saturday October 1, 2011:The Cymbidium orchid that is blooming the last time is the one that I bought two years ago in 2009. Last year it did not flower at all, but this year it has three spikes. One of the spikes has started to open. Unfortunately, I lost the name tag and I can’t recall the name. It has soft green yellow colour with a faint flash of pink. The flowers are brightened by pretty burgundy lips. Flower size is medium with narrower petals.