I bought three Cymbidium orchids recently: My Sweet ‘Amy’; Sleepy Sarah ‘Lovely’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Tetra Baron’ and a Cymbidium pumila x of unknown hybrid (small flowers). All of them are flowering. As with my old collections only one is blooming, and the other flower buds have not opened yet. Just like last year, Cymbidium ‘Claude Pepper’ x ‘Sensation’ is flowering early, while the white Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’ is coming late and it is still in buds now.

The flowers of the other three different species of Cymbidium orchids are still in buds. One of them is the one that I bought in the market and I don’t know the name. It is the one that open in green colour first and gradually will turn into yellow. I divided it into three and last year they did not flower at all. However, this year they have managed to flower quite well. Two of them have each three spikes and one has two spikes. The next one, Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x So Bold ‘Bountiful’ is having four spikes. The last one is having three spikes. It is another Cymbidium pumilum of unknown hybrid – soft greenish yellow in colour.

Cymbidium ‘Claude Pepper’ x ‘Sensation’ (7 spikes). Dark maroon colour.

Cymbidium pumilum x. Unknown hybrid, smaller flower variety, pinkish bronze.

Cymbidium My Sweet ‘Amy’

Cymbidium Sleepy Sarah ‘Lovely’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Tetra Baron’

Many people say that collecting orchid plants is very addictive. They say if some one has 20 orchid plants or more, this person is beginning to get addicted. I still have less than 2o orchids though, so I don’t think that I am an orchid addict yet 🙂