On TV news yesterday: A Frankston woman, Hannah Russell, was ordered to remove the plants that she grows on the nature strip in front of her property. It has made me think about the issue: ‘Should we be allowed to grow plants on the nature strips and will it make look better?’

Nature Strip along our property

What are Nature Strips? Here in Australia, nature strips are public (Council’s own) strips of land along the street and mostly sit along the foot path. Most of these nature strips are grassy area where street trees grow and underneath can contain essential instalations of sewer and water pipes, gas, power and telephone lines.

Though nature strips belong to the council, it is residents’ duty to keep the grass on the nature strips tidy (to mow the lawn). While cutting or prunning street trees should be done by the council. In most areas, we will need a permission to alter or to grow plants on the nature strips.

Apparently Ms. Russell has permission from the council to grow plants on her nature strip and she has been growing ornamental plants there for many years. Why all of sudden now she is asked to remove the plants? It seems that other residents complain about her untidy nature strip. It is overgrown with weeds and full of rubbish. If she keeps her nature strip garden neat and tidy, probably there will be no problem at all.

Hannah Russel’s Nature Strip (Image from: Frankston Standard Leader).

If someone asked me to grow plants on my nature strip, my answer would be a big ‘NO’. I think all councils should not let anyone grow anything else on nature strip. All nature strips should look uniform. All should only have lawn and street trees growing there.

  • As nature strips can contain instalation of pipes and cables underneath, it is wise to be left as it is.
  • Growing plants on nature strips can create problems as many plants tend to overgrow and out of control.
  • Over grown plants on nature strips will make the place look untidy.
  • Over grown plants will narrow foot paths and this is not good for pedestrians and  especially for the postmen.
  • Many people can’t even keep the nature strips tidy by regularly mow the grass, just imagine if all sorts of plants grow there. Most plants need to be looked after to make them nice and tidy.
  • Nature strips have to be clear to put rubbish, recycle and garden waste bins on collection days. If they are full of plants where we supposed to put the bins?

Well enough is said here to write my opinion after watching the news last night……. Happy mowing your nature strip!!!!