This morning is not too cold, but it is grey and wet. Yesterday I decided to move the flowering orchids (still in buds) away from rain, frost and possible hails. I never thought that cymbidium orchids grow that big and take so much space. All of them  7 pots had to move to the covered back yard veranda. There was not much space so I had to move the bromeliads out in the garden dan put the orchids in the covered area. The large epiphyllum had to be shifted also out in the back garden.

The best spot for the bromeliads was under the pear tree, so I cleaned it up. It was an empty place before and  was full of fallen leaves. I have two different kinds of bromeliads. One grows in tight clump with long orange flowers and the other one is smaller and grow in stolons. I think the smaller one is Neoregelia, but I don’t know what kind of bromeliad is the bigger one. The rossetted leaf cups catch water to provide nutrients for the plant.

I am quite happy with the new arrangement. The untidy spot under the pear tree is quite pretty now and the cymbidium orchids are safe from excessive moisture.