There were two things worth to mention about yesterday (July o5, 2011).  First, I felt the floor of our study room moved gently up and down. The windows and things in the house rattled. At first I thought it was the strong wind, but later on I started to suspect an earthquake. An hour later it was already online to confirm that it was a small earthquake here in Melbourne measuring 4.4 Richter Scale at 11.36 am (4.6 according to USGS report). The epicentre was again in north Korumburra (like the one in 2009), about 120 km south-east from Melbourne. From what I felt, it lasted around  6 seconds. It was widely felt all around Melbourne area.

The second thing worth writing down here is that we have a new Cymbidium orchid My Sweet “Amy”. Beautiful little flowers, white petals with reddish pink lip and throat. It is a small cascading variety  or can be tied up to form an erect display. To sum it up, My Sweet ‘Amy’ is very pretty and girly.