Today is sunny and beautiful, will reach around 17 deg C. It has been dry for a while lately and it is very good for the Genista racemosa that  is having a problem of rotting roots.  I can see a part of the base of the trunk is black and many little branches are dry while it loses many of it’s tiny foliage. Yes, the poor thing is sulking and sad right now! Hopefully, it will recover with dryer soil. Fingers cross. It is not dead completely but I think it is really in stress and struggling. To many rain falls lately during the Autumn were not so good for Genista racemosa. The other small one that I have that grows under the eaves along the driveway is allright and it is very green.

The winter flowering plants like Thryptomene saxicola and Crassulas are in full bloom. Some of the Zygocacti are are still blooming. This year our Cymbidium orhids are doing very well as they are all having many flower spikes. Oh, it is so very exciting and cannot wait to see them blooming in Spring. The ‘green turn to yellow’ orchids that I divided last year are also having spikes.

I have finished pruning the roses and many other plants. The weeding is done also and our green waste bin is absolutely full  over the brim. Soon towards the end of the winter will be the time for repotting the bonsai trees.

“Did you ever think how a bit of land shows the character of the owner?” – Laura Ingalls Wilder