When I was young my family used to have a battery-caged egg layer chicken farm. I remember those poor hens were kept in tiny solitary cages just a little bit bigger than their body. At that time it was a new way to produce eggs to the maximal. The big building where the chickens were kept was deliberately kept bright at night to make those chickens eat all the time 24 hours nonstop. This way they would also lay eggs everyday. At that time it never crossed my mind that this practice of egg layers farming was very cruel. As the chickens unable to move at all, they will develop damaged legs and tremendous pain.

The other battery cages are designed to accommodate more than one chicken. There are several chicken in little cages that are kept in stacks in long rows. This practice is crueller than the cages designed for solitary chicken. On top of suffering from stiff and deformed legs, the frustrated hens will start to fight one another to leave them bloody and losing feathers.

Deformed Battery Caged Chicken

A Healthy and Happy Chicken In Free Range Chicken Farm

Just have a look at this picture of a suffering hen that was kept too long in confinement and compare the picture with a happy and free chicken from a free range chicken farm. Which one do you prefer to see? If you hate to see unhealthy deformed chickens, please, please… help them. You can contribute to save more chickens to live happy and free by buying FREE RANGE EGGS ONLY!

Say Yes to Happy and Free Chickens. Buy Free Range Eggs Only!

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