How true it is that the rose is the queen of all flowers in summer time. But when the weather is cool and the wind is getting stronger and chillier in the autumn, it is when Chrysanthemums are blooming.  It is the time when leaves are falling and all summer blooms have disappeared and the sky is less cheerful, the queen of the autumn is showing its glory.

Chrysanthemum is one of my many favourite flowers. I love the bright colours that come in many different shades. They are long lasting and have nice strong herbal fragrance.
Both in China and Japan, Chrysanthemums signify a comfortable life and good fortune. People use the flowers as gifts and offering on altars. It is believed that Chrysanthemums have powerful Yang energy so they attract good luck inside homes and in the garden. The beauty of these flowers can be seen in many traditional paintings.
In Western culture, white Chrysanthemums signify the truth and sincerity, while the yellow ones are the symbol of tender affection and the red ones are for the expression of passionate love. As Chrysanthemums are abundant around Mother’s day, here in Australia they are regarded as Mother’s Day Flowers.
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