After leaving Java for more than 25 years, I notice drastic changes to this tropical island that used to be my homeland. It is the most crowded place in Indonesia where people will try anything to make money. In a country where there is hardly or very little social security from the government, making money is always the most popular daily conversation. Whatever people talk about there, it is always associated with money. Either you earn money or you go starving and will not be able to pay bills at all. Micro businesses and trades are growing fast and the variations are incredible.

One thing that has really caught my attention is a clothing repairer. He will patiently push his modified old bike from village to village. Attached to the front part of the push bike is a wooden box where he sets his old black sewing machine. I don’t see him push a pedal to run the sewing machine, so I assume it is run by a large battery. Perhaps it is some kind of car battery?

He repairs broken zippers, missing buttons, torn seams, simple alternations and many other clothing repairs. He charges much less than 10.000 rupiah for each repair. To change a short broken zipper he charges only 5000 rupiah which is around 60 cent Australian dollar. The job is done quickly and pretty neatly while you are waiting.

Well one day, if you travel to Java and have a broken zipper or losing a button or two, it will be handy to have them repaired quickly and neatly with a fraction of cost. Hopefully you are lucky enough to come across this mobile clothing repairer somewhere in the street.