The other day I saw a baby katydid on the hibiscus flower. Apparently this green insect lives around the bushes near the gate on the side of the driveway. Last year I saw the big one on the camellia plant which is next to the hibiscus.

Unlike the annoying shrill of cicadas, I love to hear the low soothing sound of katydids and crickets. When the night is dark and still, the repeating noise of these two insects is really calming. It is some sort of white noise that is pleasant to hear. It attributes a certain situation (night time) the same way as the sound wave of the sea or the pitter-patter of the rain drops or the song of frogs on the rainy night.

The soothing sounds of both crickets and katydids have been appreciated by people in China and Japan since the ancient time. Some even keep them at home in cages as pets. They also believe that crickets and katydids bring them closer to nature and good luck.

The picture of the brown cricket was the one that I found in a bucket of water and almost drown. At first I thought it was a locust, but luckily it was just a harmless little cricket.

An old Chinese Poem written by Bey Ju-Yi  (Tang Dynasty):

Listen to the Crickets


The Singing crickets chirp throughout the long night,

Tolling in the cloudy autumn with its rain.

Intent on disturbing the gloomy sleepless soul,

The crickets move towards the bed chirp by chirp.