It is the last month of summer here in Melbourne, and the garden is teeming with life. I can hear the noisy chit chats of colourful wild lorikeets. Now and then the spotted turtle doves make coo cooing sounds. Crows are quacking loudly somewhere.

Yesterday, I was busy trimming the plants along the footpath. I noticed many insects flying around. I took my camera and tried to capture some photos of butterflies and dragonflies. It was easier with the butterflies, but I could not take any picture of the dragonflies. They just flew around and hardly stopped. I saw one was sitting on the leaf of Alisma plantago but it was too timid and flew off when I came near. Too bad… it was a nice red one. Many bees were also busy up and down flying from one flower to another.

The scarethecat plant (Coleus canina) was trailing out of control, so I trimmed it quite hard. It still had many flowers and I saw a beautiful spotty butterfly fluttering and quivering, kind of hovering on the purple blue flowers. I took five shots but only one was good. I wondered why this butterfly hardly sat still.

The excess of rains this summer has made plants grow greener and luscious.  Hibiscus, lantana, hebe, justicia, geranium, gardenia and of course my husband’s sunflower are all blooming. The roses still have few blooms and still have problems with black spots. I plan to prune them and give them special fungicide spray. 

 It is really beautiful right now and the sky is blue with patchy white clouds. It seems that more rains will fall again tonight or probably tomorrow.

I plan to do weeding this afternoon. Yes, the rains have also made weeds grow everywhere in the garden beds. I hate those long trailing grass!!





















Water Garden:

This year the pink water lily in the fish tub near the front door have refused to flower. All the buds were prematurely wilted away. I am not sure why, but the light yellow one in the tub near the back door has many  beautiful flowers. The gold fish are happy and we have quite e few of babies.  People told me to take the goldfish eggs away from the parents and keep them separate. This way, there will be more gold fish fries will hatch as adult goldfish tend to eat their own eggs and also the fries. But we don’t really want too many baby fish as we don’t have place to keep them. So we decided to let nature deals with the situation. However, we still have more than 10 gold fish safe from being eaten and they are growing bggger and bigger every day. I kept them separate in the old plastic tub.


  “… The best way to garden is to put on a wide-brimmed straw hat and some old clothes. And with a hoe in one hand and a cold drink in the other and tell someone else where to dig.” (Texas Bix Bender).

Happy Gardening!!

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