I bet you also have a plant in the garden that you planted long time ago but somehow it is growing there silently and it is completely forgotten. Until one day, suddenly it bears beautiful flowers that once again it catches your attention.

I planted this pineapple lily long time ago and I am not very sure when exactly. It was long forgotten, until recently when I notice the beautiful bloom.  I have a feeling that it did not flower for a while. If it flowers every year, I would have noticed it.

About the plant:

  • Eucomis, common name is pineapple lily or pineapple flower (the flower has leafy top similar to pineapple).
  • Native to South Africa.
  • There are about 10 different species and the colours of the flowers can be purple, green, pinkish or shade of white.
  • Easy to grow in rich well drain soil, sheltered or sunny position.
  • Propagated from seeds, leaf cuttings or offsets division.
  • Plant loses leaves in winter.
  • Dormant bulbs can be lifted in cold areas during winter time.
  • Grow bulbs in autumn or late winter.

I don’t know which species of Eucomis that we have, but I love the soft pretty colour. The flower is also long lasting and can be used as a cut flower.