A very smart shopping trolley … it is also called a MediaCart that can help you with your shopping.

…” It is revolutionizing shopping with a computerized shopping cart that assists shoppers, delivers targeted communications at the point of purchase, and streamlines store operations. The MediaCart® system accurately anticipates and responds to the shopper’s needs – helping them locate products, check prices and product information, and effortlessly manage their shopping lists. By improving operations and providing timely communication regarding products and specials at the point of purchase, retailers can increase sales and profitability while strengthening shopper loyalty….

The MediaCart® system was developed together with Retailers, CPGs and Consumers as a technological solution to today’s retail demands….”.

(quoted from: http://www.mediacart.com/about.html)

Looking at the picture, I wonder what will happen if a small toddler is sitting there facing that little gadget with buttons on it. I bet for a while the child will be amused and forget to fret……..:)

Now, talking about this hight-tech shopping trolley.  I know…..many will accuse me of being old fashioned, but do we really need this computerised trolley with GPS system on it to navigate and help us in the shop?  I know that it is hard to write down my shopping list ‘in the same order’ with the location of the goods in the supermarket, and this smart trolley will solve this problem. You can quickly get all that you need on the list without end up buying extras.

But I never use a shopping list. I’m not a list person. I just mentally scan the fridge and the pantry to see what I will need to buy. Oh… you must be a compulsive shopper that ends up buying things that you don’t really need. Yes, I admit that now and then I buy few things that are not on my ‘memory list’, but I never really overspend and on the end I am really glad that I have bought them. Going to the shop for me is a sight seeing, a leisure time, to unwind…….!

Looking at the picture of the smart trolley, I can almost hear it wishpering: “See? I’m really clever. I organise your shopping list and I can also tell you where you find them easily and I can also help you with checking out. No more wasting your precious time. I also tell you all our special offers and discounts” ……….. I clenched my teeth to stop talking to the computer trolley, but I suppose I can argue without talking: “I’m not in a hurry, I love shopping and looking at the stuffs, all different brands, choices and offers. I still have my brain intact (thank you very much!) to decide what I like and what I’m going to buy. Don’t we have enough looking at ads? Oh, about finding my way through the supermarket aisles, I have no problems with it, unless the shop will crazily and continously move goods around”

The brainy trolley is screaming this time claiming that it is all about saving check out time. Yes, I admit that it is saving time not to unload and  reload the groceries back into the trolley and good not to wait for along time while checking out. Smart trolley will scan each item as you put them in the trolley. But I don’t really see a real saving money-wise. I can see the cost of those trolleys. Who will pay for them? Who else? The costumers! Then I remember about vandalism. I see some people dump shopping carts (the dumb ones) on the street and even in the creeks. Maybe the smart trolleys are clever enough to stop people from taking them out of the shopping premises, but breaking and smashing the computer screens can be done (unless the computer is clever enough to fight this horrible act). Then I can imagine the cost of malfunctions, repairs and updates. Who will pay them? Who else????

PS: It is just a few things that come into my mind after I watched it on TV last night.