The heavy rainfalls recently have made a big puddle on the lawn. Today is sunny but windy and cool around 20 deg. C. My heart goes out for those who are experiencing flood in some parts of Victoria. The extreme weathers that we are living now… either it is a long drought or excessive rains.

We have a real big surprise! The goldfish have tiny babies. So far I only notice 5 of them, but maybe more. It is hard to see and count them as they like to hide inside the elodea plants. It is even harder trying to take photos of them, but I manage to have a quite reasonable picture of 3 of them.

While the gold fishes are doing well, it is not so with the pink water lilies. In early spring it grew well with many leaves and some flower buds, but now most of the leaves are rotten and the blackened flower buds are stunted. I am not so sure what have happened. I just cut most of the brown leaves off and save few that are still green. There are few leaf buds under water, but it seems that they are not growing as fast as they are supposed to. Hopefully it was just the result of recent extreme weathers where too many rains have wetted and damaged the leaves, while unsettled temperature has stunted its growth. The yellow water lily in the back yard is doing well and it is under the shade of the veranda away from heavy rainfall and the recent fluctuation of temperature.  The Alisma plantago-aquatica is luscious and green with its towering flowers. The elodeas (anacharis) are trailing all over the place so I have to prune them and I put the cut-offs in a bucket of water.

Still about lilies! The Christmas lilies are doing very well. The sweet perfume feels the air and it is even stronger at night. The yellow and pink Asiatic lilies are also flowering.

The hydrangeas (my husband’s favourite plant) are also growing very well this year. One bush has many flowers that have different colour shades. They are quite unusual and very pretty.

Oh yes, I saw a fat caterpillar eating one of the few hibiscus flowers that just start to bloom. I didn’t kill it as it was the only one that I could see. I hope it will become a pretty butterfly.

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