It rained so much lately. I notice that some of my roses have developed black spots on the leaves. It is obvious that too much moisture from the rains have made the black spots spread. I got rid of the foliage with the spots and will not do anything else. Just wait and see. I will only spray if the problem persists.

What else? The yellow Genista racemosa is still blooming, but this year my ‘Green turns to Yellow’ Cymbidium Orchid refused to bloom. I don’t know why, but I think it is because I divided the plant too late. I divided it into three. Hopefully they will bloom next season. As with my Orchid cacti, the  Chiapasia nelsonii (Epiphyllum nelsonii) is still blooming while the others are still in buds. The yellow Epiphyllum that I bought earlier this year has finished flowering.

The water lilies have waken up from their winter sleep and now they have grown many leaves and few flower buds. I like to see how the goldfishes are peering from underneath the lily leaves when I come near……their open mouths are poking out near the edges of the leaves. Just like dogs, they know how to beg for food. Ha….

I am going to post some of the photos that I took in the last few days. It was a surprise when the other day I saw a green Katydid insect among the camellia leaves. I was lucky to have a chance to make few shots before it eventually flew off.

Green Katydid

Goldfish and Water Lily

Yellow Rose – Unknown variety

Peace Rose

Rhapsody in Blue – Purple climbing rose

Peruvian Lilies

Pink Mesembryanthemum (Pigface)

Purple Mesembryanthemum (Pigface)

Yellow Mesembryanthemum (Pigface)


Strelitzia reginae – Bird of Paradise

Purple Bearded Iris

Today is nice, cool and sunny and it is perfect to go out there and to do something in the garden. I am thinking of getting rid of the weeds in the garden bed. It is still too wet to mow the lawn. I better post this….. Happy Gardening :o)

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