Beautiful Bloomer

What I like the best about this catus is the large flowers which are almost too big for the cactus itself. The brightly coloured blooms come in orange, yellow, deep red or white. They grow from around the bottom part of the cactus stem. I also love the cactus’ compact round shape where small bumps grow neatly in downward spiral formation. On each bumps, grow short cottony white spines. When the cactus has matured enough, it will grow many offsets from around the base and will eventually clump tightly together.

The easiest propagation is by dividing the offsets. Watering is necessary during growing season but wait until the soil is dry. Just like most other cacti, Rebutia needs warm and sunny position with good air circulation and less humidity. A good feed of complete fertilizer  is also needed in growing season.

When these Rebutias are flowering, they will take your breath away. When not in blooms, the dark green cacti’s neat globular shape with less intimidating white spines are… really pretty to look at.