In the last few days Melbourne was back to cold and wet again. I don’t really mind the rains at all but plueese…. not cold again! Yesterday I started to spread some mulch on the garden bed, but I had to stop because of the rain.

Today is still cold but the sun is shining brightly, so after lunch I plan to finish doing the mulching. Hopefully, the weather will not change suddenly. You can expect this here in Melbourne… four seasons in a day. Ha….

Spring flowers have started to bloom, but I noticed many plants are still not in flower. I think they are a bit confused and think that it is still winter. I took some photos of the flowers this morning:o)

It is midday now and soon after posting this, I am going to make lunch and in the afternoon I will be busy in the garden. Glad that I have mowed the grass few days ago when it was reasonably dry. Weeds grow like crazy on drenched spring days, so I have to be quick to get rid of them for good.

For those who also plan to spend some time in the garden, I wish all of you:

Happy Gardening!!