It is the ‘Melbourne weather’ again around this time of the year. One minute it is bright and sunny but another minute it is grey and drizzly. The cold wind makes me want to stay indoors and hibernate till spring time.

In the garden it is wet and soggy but I notice that some of the plants have made themselves ready for a new beginning in spring. Water lilies and the aquatic Alisma plantago have started to sprout their new leaves. The reddish leaf-buds of the roses are growing larger.

How strange that every time I look at the gold fish in this cold weather, I start to shiver. I cannot imagine how cold they are in that water. I know that actually they don’t really mind the cold at all as they are not tropical fish, but I am glad that I am not a gold fish. Ha…. If I have to be an animal in my garden, I would prefer to be a spotted turtle dove. At least they have feathers to protect them from the chill. Talking about the doves, I hear they are coo-cooing more and more. It sounds that they are talking to each other with their head bobbing up and down.

I’ll be busy for the next two weeks or so as it is time for re-potting the bonsai trees. I just hope that the weather will be better and not too windy. Right now I am going to take pictures of some flowers in our garden. I chopped the tibouchina last autumn  as it  was lanky and ugly. Now it has started to grow and flower. I just hope that it will grow more compact. The large red camellias also start to bloom.

This time my enkianthus is doing much better and it is covered with so many flowers that look like little bells. I think it grows better in colder winter. The cyclamens still remember to flower again this time of the year though I always tend to neglect them after every flowering time. …………

The double white narcissuses/daffodils are in full blooms, but I don’t think I like the smell as much as jasmine or gardenia……..

In Greek mythology there was a tale about a young lad by the name of Narcissus. He was smitten by his own look and spent many times looking at his own reflection. He spent most of his precious time just to gaze into the pool water to see his own face. One day he felt that he was not close enough to the water, so he lowered his face closer and closer to the water surface and he fell into the deep pool and died of drowning. Soon a clump of pretty flowers grew on the spot where he knelt near the edge of the pond and the pretty flowers were called Narcissus…………

White Narcissus ‘Erlicheer’:

Purple blue Tibouchina ‘Jules’:

Large dark-pink Camelia japonica:

Pretty bells Enkianthus campalunatus:

Neglected pink Cyclamen:

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