I could not believe my eyes when I saw it in Garden World! It was the only epi-cactus that was blooming, the rest were just small cuttings. It was sitting there on the bench leaning on the other plants as it was too heavy for the quite small pot.OMG, so many flower buds!  I thought all Epiphyllums flower toward the end of spring, but this Gold Coin Epi is flowering now!

Here are the images of the Epiphyllum ‘Gold Coin’ that I bought yesterday (August 11, 2010):

If you read on the comment box, I wrote that my ‘Gold Coin’ Epi looks different from those that I saw online. For comparison, here is the one from http://cgi.ebay.ch/Epiphyllum-Epicactushybride-Gold-Coin-/200489881951:

August 14, 2010: I think I like this new epiphyllum that I have more and more…. it has a very lingering  but gentle and sweet scent. After matching the flower with those that are available online, it looks very similar (not 100 % the same) to the hybrid ‘Fruhlings Gold’ (Spring Gold)…. I haven’t got a chance to go back to Garden World to look at all epiphyllums there to find the match. I’m so sure that it is not Gold Coin!!

Sunday, November 14 – 2o10:

A very strange plant! The last flower of this whatever breed of Epiphyllum look like this:

Yellow Epiphyllum …Fruhlingsgold ?

Why the look of the flower suddenly changed? This last flower is more like Fruhlingsgold. Is it possible if you put two different kind of epiphyllum together, it can changed the blooms????? It is just weird to me! I wonder how the flowers will look like next year, can’t wait to see!!!