This last month of winter (August), we have been having so much rain. The ground is absolutely soggy and cold. It is hard to believe that the Jacobinia pauciflora is fully covered with tiny flower buds.

Jacobinia pauciflora ‘Firefly’ is also known as Justicia rizzinii. This plant has small scarlett and yellow tubular flowers that borne profusely over a long period of time during end of winter to spring.

About the plant and growing requirements:

  • Rounded evergreen shrub (Acanthaceae family) native to Brazil
  • Part shade position away from frost and direct hot sun
  • Heat and humid tolerance
  • Grow best in rich and well drain soil
  • Small application of slow released fertilizer
  • Water requirement normal to wet
  • Attractive small foliage
  • Twiggy little branches
  • Respond well to trimming after flowering
  • Height to 75 cm and Width to 75 cm
  • Showy bright and contrast colours little flowers

What I like best about this plant is the low maintenance. Once it has found the perfect place in the garden, it will practically look after itself. For awhile we tend to forget about this plant until it starts to show the brightly coloured small flowers.

Happy Gardening………….:)