I don’t really like gardens in winter as I am a flower loving person. There are only few flowers in this cold weather. As you see, my garden is rather dull and overgrown at the moment. It is crying for a good trimming. I have pruned the roses but many plants also need a good trim to make the garden look tidy. Few pink and red geraniums dare to battle frosty condition to show their flowers, but some other plants are really blooming.

The winter flowering Grampians Heath Myrtle (Thryptomene calycina) is in full bloom. It is a small to medium shrub with tiny dark green leaves and small whitish pink blooms cover the whole plant.

The other plant that is in full bloom is Jade. This lucky money plant is fully covered in tiny star shape pinkish white flowers. The camellia japonica has started to have flower buds, while the camellia sasanqua has come to the end of flowering season. This image below is the Grampians Heath Myrtle:

Most of the zygocactus are still flowering and some of the orchids have started to have flower spikes. I have a mini anthurium and it is also flowering now. It has creamy flowers with tiny red spots. Meanwhile, the New Guinea Impatiens (Impatient hawkery) are still showing off their last batch of flowers before they go dormant in cold weather. The images below are the comical Flamingo flowers (Anthurium) :

Melbourne was grey, cold and windy in the last two days and today is windy and drizzly. The first month of the winter is not even over yet, but here I am…. dreaming about springtime already 🙂

* Note: I am now adding one more picture. You can see our Genista racemosa and the next door’s Loquat tree on the background. Hopefully the recovering Genista after caterpillars’ attact will flower again in Spring.

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