Mostly, we judge the beauty of flowers by only looking at the petals. They come in many different shapes and colours, but there are smaller parts of flowers that can be stunning. It is the stamen of a flower. Stamens consist of anthers and filaments.

  • Stamen: The male part of the flower. It is made up of the filament and anther, it is the pollen producing part of the plant. The number of stamen is usually the same as the number of petals.
  • Anther: This is the part of the stamen that produces and contains pollen. It is usually on top of a long stalk that looks like a fine hair.
  • Filament: The fine hair-like stalk that the anther sits on top of.

To enjoy the beauty of this male part of a flower, we have to look more closely. These are few photos from around our garden.