Mother’s Day Wishes

The two men in my life say that I don’t have to do anything on mother’s day. Just to sit around, enjoy TV shows or some movies from the video rentals. They say that breakfast, lunch and dinner will be their treats. The house and the garden will be neat and tidy, spic and span. Well I guess, many mothers will be happy to be pampered like this, but not for me, I hate to have only ‘one day’ with no chores. And this will make me feel lazy the next day. So I say to my hubby and son that I want something else.

Well then, we are going to get you presents from the shop…..maybe something new to wear, or something new to use around the kitchen. New perfume or jewelleries… or a huge bunch of red roses. Or perhaps the most expensive chocolate or cake. But I say that I  have presents for Christmases and birthdays. I have everything that I can use to clean or to cook. If you buy me perfume or jewelleries, I’m afraid that I may not like them. I hate flowers that soon will wilt and be thrown away. Chocolate and cakes will make me fatter!

They start to get a bit upset and say that I am very hard to please. So what do you want then? They ask the question loudly. My answer is:

“Nothing, just take me out of the house. I want to have a long drive. We will have a nice picnic in the park. I want to see those tall gum trees, the galahs and the cockatoos, the koalas and the kangaroos. I want to walk in the bush and to hear the rustling water down the rivers and waterfalls.  I want to feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze. I want to smell the fragrance of the eucalypt trees and the sweet smell of the wild flowers…..  But the most important thing is for us to have fun together and for me to have a good company.”

Once again, for those who celebrate it, I wish all of you:

  The Happiest  Mother’s Day.