There were so many of you! Why were you so greedy? I love my Genista plant and it had lost all the leaves because of you, greedy caterpillars. I know that you will grow into pretty little moths. I love butterflies and moths…. I love to see them flying around in my garden. But once again, you were too greedy, very destructive little creatures. I had no choice but to kill you. If it was only a few of you, I would have never noticed you at all and your chance to live would be much greater.

Here I am lamenting and finding reasons for killing those tiny caterpillars, ha, ha! Anyway, I am happy now that after we had few autumn rains lately, our G. racemosa has started to look quite green again with new foliage.

I’m not sure what those caterpillars are called. I think they are some type of Genista caterpillar and the species that is commonly found attacking Cytisus plants in Australia is Uresiphita ornithopteralis or with the common name tree lucerne caterpillar/moth.