If you love prolific small purple flowers, perhaps Duranta ‘Geisha Girl” is for you. I have no idea why they name this modern-day cultivar of Duranta repens ‘Geisha Girl”. It could be the fact that this cultivar is originated in Japan.

While Duranta itself is native to Central America and it is classified as tropical or semi tropical plant; Geisha Girl tolerates colder frost-free climate. It is thriving here in Melbourne. If it is left alone it can grow up to 2 meters high, but the weeping branches can be trimmed into more compact and attractive shape. It also can be grown as a standard plant. I trim mine regularly to have a round shape.

Growing requirements for Duranta repens “Geisha Girl”:

  • Best to be grown in full sun or partly shade.
  • Well drain soil.
  • Water regularly until the plant established. Once established it can tolerate drier condition.
  • Fertilized with slow released fertiliser about 3 times a year.
  • Trim regularly for compact growth and more flowers. The pruning is the best done after finish flowering.
  • Tolerates hot or cold climate. If grown in colder climate, protect the plant from frost

The deep purple blue colour with slightly crinkle white edges makes the flowers look very pretty. Duranta ‘Geisha Girl’ is very easy to grow and the small blooms will attract butterflies to visit your garden.

Happy Gardening!!!!