One day I read that all goldfish like to eat “duck-weeds”. In the wild, goldfish eats more underwater greeneries, so I thought it would be a good idea to give them their “fresh salad” as a healthy treat.

I remember that duck-weeds are sold in the water garden shop in Garden World. Few weeks ago, I got a litlle bag of fresh duck-weeds there and it cost me $5.00. Once arrived home, straight away I tip the whole content of the little bag into the tub where we keep 7 goldfish. I was a bit shocked when I saw that those tiny plants spread and they covered most of the empty water surface. It kind of looked ugly and untidy. I never thought that too many duck weeds could fit in that little plastic bag.

The next day, more than half of the duck-weeds were gone already eaten by the goldfish. In 3 days to my relief,  hardly any left and my water garden tub looked nice and tidy again.

Since then, I have bought one more bag of duckweeds but I put them in a separate container with water in it to grow. Everyday, I give about one table spoon of duckweeds to the fish. They eat their fresh salad quickly and greedily:) I feed them much less bought goldfish food.

Duckweed (botanically known as Lemnaceae) is a stemless, aquatic flowering plant. Duckweed is a small and free floating and grows on the surface of still or slow moving water in carpet-like groups. Duckweed produces minute flowers. It is known that this tiny floating plants can act as water purifier against the unsightful green algae.

Update images of our Water Garden taken very recently in February 2010:

The first images are from the Tub Water Garden near the back door. The second images are from near the front door: