Hopkins Falls are located in R.A. Crothers Reserve in The Shire of Warrnambool.  It is around 15 minutes drive north-east of Warrnambool city in Victoria, Australia. The shallow but quite wide waterfalls run over a long sledge of black basalt rocks. In winter months the falls are the fullest, but on the day of our visit on Boxing Day, December 26 this year (summer time) there was less water but it was still quite enjoyable to see.

This place is also well known for the migration of baby eels that are racing against the water flow to find the way upstream through the slippery ledges of the falls to reach Hopkins River. It only happen for a few days in the beginning of Summer in early December.

The pleasant drive from Warrnambool to R.A. Crothers Reserve was going through farming area where cattle were quietly grazing. It is an ideal place to have a picnic or a barbeque and also a good spot for fishing.