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Foxy died on March 23, 2009. We had to put him down because he suffered from paralysis on both his hind legs. We didn’t want him to suffer….. He died in peace, and it was painless and very quick at the Vet clinic.

After he died, we looked at dog breeds online and we saw a particular breed that look the same as Foxy…. like we were seeing double….. and the breed is Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog. So there was a big possibility that Foxy was not a Basenji X afterall, and he could be a pure bred Shiba Inu.

Now Foxy is resting in our backyard surrounded by my bonsay trees………..

These are images of Shiba Inu Dogs and Foxy. There are 9 photos of Foxy…. Can you tell the difference? Yes He was our Shiba dog 🙂

Shiba Inu

When we bought Foxy in 1996 from Keysborough Animal Shelter, Melbourne (Australia), they told us that he was a Basenji X. That was why we always believed that he was a Basenji X…. not until later after he died and we saw images of Shiba Inu breed.

When we bought Foxy he was already a 10 years old dog. The lady at the animal shelter told my young son to pick another dog which was younger, but our son didn’t want to listen and he was determined to have the dog which later on we called him Foxy.

Facts about Shiba Inu breed: