Few weeks ago, there was a stand from one of Orchids Societies/Clubs in Brandon Park Shopping Centre (Melbourne, Australia). There were many displays of the contest winning orchids which were not for sale, but they also sold other orchids which were mostly cymbidium varieties.

I wish I could grow orchids as good as those people. Only lately I could make my very few cymbidium orchids bloom. I found that Cymbidium orchids will grow better and will flower if I use orchid fertilizer and occasional feed of seaweed or fish emulsion. It has to be enough sunlight, if your orchid foliage is very luscious and too green but refuse to flower, it means it does not get enough sunlight. Cymbidiums that receive enough sunlight will tend to have slightly yellowish leaves. Also Cymbies will do better in a slightly crowded pot. If re-potting and dividing cymbidium orchid do not use pots that are too big.

Anyway, back to the stand from the Orchid Society in Brandon Park Shopping centre. I bought a small variety – Cymbidium Sarah Jean ‘Ice Cascade’. It is a cascading variety with small, almost pure white flowers. With compact growth habit and cascading blooms, this variety is perfect for hanging pots.

C. Sarah Jean Ice Cascade