Spring here in Victoria, Australia is coming although it seems to be reluctant to warm up quickly. So far it was more cold days than the warm ones. Now it is grey and drizzly.

At last the back garden is done now. It took us few months to rearrange everything as I only did it when I had time or when I felt like it. Ha….

Nothing really changes much in the front garden, except that I had planted a lot more succulents (echeverias, crassulas, aeoniums and mesembryanthemums) to replace some plants that had refused to survive during the long drought. The crassulas (jade) flowered profusely in late winter and now they have become dried and brown.  I should have cut them off to make the garden looks tidier.

Front Garden 2009

What we have done with the back yard is to rearrange all my bonsai trees to the back part of the garden along the back fence. The tiny backyard garden has a U-shape and on the other side I planted new plants:

  • Enkianthus campalunatus which is native to Japan and it has little bell flowers
  • Salvia greggii (Heatwave Blaze)
  • Convolvulus cneorum which is commonly known as silverbush
  • English lavender
  • Hemizygia ‘Candy Kisses’ with it’s colourful tiny folliage
  • White and pink tree Begonias sanguine with the angel wing like leaves
  • Gardenia radicans, the small prostate gardenia
  • Murraya peniculata that also has fragrant flowers and
  • Some double Daffodils “white lion” which have finished flowering.

I am really glad that it is all done and the back garden looks a lot better now.

Backyard Garden Spring 2009

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