For celebrating Mother’s Day, my son M took us to Marysville. Since they had re-opened the roads around the area after the Black Saturday Fire in February, there was a Café Bakery in Marysville remained standing untouched by the fire. It was now open its business again. We heard it on the radio that we should visit Marysville and had a nice lunch there so that we could helped them with the business. Part of the profit from this Café would be donated for helping the area.

The travel along Maroondah Hwy was quite busy. How fortunate that the area around Healsville was not touched by the fire at all. The cool and leafy garden at the Maroondah Reservoir remained beautiful. Some varieties of old pine trees that grew there add the charm of the garden that was perfect for a picnic.

When we were getting closer to Marysville Rd, my heart was saddened to see many tall gum trees along the highway were black and charred. It was surprised that the area around Black Spur remained cool and green. The Black Spur Motel and Pub was still standing there and it was open like usual.

Maroondah Hwy

Soon after our Nissan Patrol turned right into Marysville Rd, from far away we saw many of the gum trees were covered by green colour similar to moss on their burnt trunks. Soon as I caught the glimpse of them closer, I realized that the process of regeneration had started to happen. How amazing, after exposed to the extreme heat and completely engulfed by fire, in a matter of few weeks, these trees had started to re-grow soon after the rains fell. Other fierce survivors were those tree ferns. Though the trunks were burnt black, the fresh green leaves were still proudly growing to tell us that there was still life remained.

New Growth

Here and there we saw the remains of the burnt houses scattered in many properties along the road. There were stacks of corrugated iron-sheets twisted and turned by the extreme heat of the fire. Almost all buildings in Marysville perished. The petrol station and the police station were not there anymore. But there in the corner we saw this local Café Bakery was still standing and it was very busy with customers. Before eating at the café, we decided to drive to Stephenson Fall, but the water fall park was still closed. I could imagine that beautiful place was all destroyed.

Lunch at that local Café Bakery in Marysville was very appetizing. The queue was very long but everyone was happily waiting for their turn. There were various pies, sausage rolls, pasties, chips, sandwiches etc on the menu, but the display of various sweet pastries and pies attracted me the most. I had an apple slice and it was delicious. The apple crumble pie and granny slice were also very yummy. They were cooked just like in the olden days. A cup of fragrant and frothy cappuccino completed our lunch.