Some Plants in My Garden

The magic of our garden is that they are always blooming all year around. I have deliberately chosen different plants which will flower in different season, some will flower in spring and summer and the others flower either in autumn or winter. Nowadays all plants are sold with descriptions on when they will flower. By carefully choosing the ones which will grow at different time, the garden will look not only colourful during spring and summer only, but even in the bleak winter time  it will be full of blossoms and it not be so cold, dull and grey. Try to mix these plants when you grow them, do not grow the plants that flower at the same time only on one spot of the garden. Place them in a certain way so in every season there will be flowers distributed evenly all around……..

I like to have a garden that give an impression of well trimmed and neatly manicured. The trick is to grow plants which you can shape like for example: topiaries, diosma, or box. If you distributed these type of plants all around in good order among the other plants, and as long as you keep them well trim, the garden will have a manicured look. Also trim all other plant and make sure you don’t let the become over-grown.

Some of the plants in our garden which flower mostly in Spring and Summer:

  • Browalia, long flowering through out spring and summer, colourful orange bells. Prune well after flowering to maintain compact shape.
  • Pig Face (Mesembryanthemum): Very hardy succulents, coming in many choice of colour. In full sun position, they bear abundant of flowers covering the whole plants. Prune after flowering to keep them in nice compact shape.
  • Pelargonium/Geranium:  very hardy, coming in many bright colours, some species even flower all year around. Respond well to pruning after flowering.
  • Camellia: Coming in many variations of flowers, single or double petals. Many choice of colours. Some species will flower during the winter.
  • Lillium: These large bell shaped flowers will add beauty to any garden.
  • Hibiscus: Tropical plants with deep green leaves and many different shape and colour of flowers.

Our plants which flower almost all year around:

  • Roses, especially from floribunda species. Respond well to debutting dead flower to encourage new shoots which will bear  more flowers and prune hard in winter after finish flowering. Prune other type of roses after the last batch of flowers usually late autumn as they don’t flower in winter or even if they flower the quality of the blooms are poor.
  • Daisy: Daisies mainly flower in spring but if you prune well after finish flowering it will bear flower again in late autumn and in winter. Prune again after the autumn/winter flower finish to promote good flowers in warmer months.
  • Azalea: Many  azaleas flower twice a year in spring/summer and again in autumn/winter.
  • Gardenia: Fragrant white blooms. Will grow better in the shade. It grows well in slightly acidic, cool, moist, well drained soil.

Autumn or winter flowering plants:

  • Chrysanthemum: This mother’s day flower will flower in autumn (April/May). Colourful and coming in many choice of colours, single or double petals. Die down after flowering and flower again next autumn.
  • Crasulla ovata/Jade/money plants: The Chinese believe this plant will bring good luck. The tiny white stars flowers almost cover the whole plant in late autumn and spring.
  • Kniphophia: Also known as Red Hot Poker, growing from bulbs, green long spikes of leaves with tall brilliant red, orange or yellow pom-pom like flowers. Attract native birds.


Colourful evergreen shrubs to add colour all year around:

  • Golden Diosma: This plant will show off it’s bright yellow colour in sunny position. If clipped and trimmed into round or egg shape, this hardy plant will add an impression of a manicured garden. This plant hates tropical heat.
  • Nandina: Nandina grown in full sun will give a bright red colour all year a round.
  • Red Aeonium: this colourful succulent has rosette shape, auburn red and will have bright yellow flowers in winter.