Colour of white

An appearance of purity

They are hanging there



Blown by morning breeze

Brugmansia candida

What a beautiful name

The pretty angel

But beneath its beauty

Something sinister is hidden

Poison is flowing




Brugmansia candida 



The angel’s trumpet plant on the side of my house is blooming. From my window I can see the large white pendulous bell flowers dance following the rhythm of morning breeze. Who has ever thought that such beautiful flowers contain deadly poison? It is not only the flowers that are poisonous, but every parts of the plant are deadly.


I adore flowers and very often I compare them with human and mostly women. So many flowers out there. They have different look and different traits and personality. So have women. What kind of women portrays the look and characteristics of Brugmansia candida? Pretty on the outside but nasty on the inside…….


Have you known a woman who is sweet and friendly in front of you, but nasty behind you? This type of women enjoys gossips and cruel innuendos. They enjoy talking to everyone. Behind the friendliness, they are vindictive and envious. To get what they want, they will do everything, even if it means hurting other people. They are tricky, deceitful and dishonest.


Oh, pretty Angel’s trumpet blooms, I still see you gently dance out there, blown by the morning breeze………………