Our house is an old weatherboard house which is well over fifty years old. In the past the garden was very basic with untidy lawn that had several fruit trees such as apple, pear. apricot and plum which was a very common garden style in 1940s. Along the driveway there were five massive trees; a camphor laurel, a soft bark gum tree, an English oak and a twin needle- pine trees on each side of the carport entrance. While the back yard had nothing but an old clothesline and overgrown grass and weeds.


The top images: Front Garden and Drive Way. Bottom images: Back garden.


The first project that we did was in the back yard. In 1993 we made a tiny rock garden which nestled in one corner of our small back yard. We bought the rocks somewhere near Werribee. This way we could buy straight from the owner who had dug up the rocks from their property, and it was much cheaper.

The real progress of making the front garden only started in 1998 after we cut all the huge trees along the drive way and most of the diseased old fruit trees. Without these trees the other plants in the garden will enjoy more sunlight and more of the scarce rain water. We made a new garden bed along the footpath. After digging up all the grass, we mixed the existed soil with topsoil and compost. We planted many new plants. Slowly our garden was transformed from a boring suburban garden into a colourful and well trim display of plants and flowers.